Stay charged with discounts on Anker Power Stations, portable chargers and more

by Barbara R. Abercrombie
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Most of us go a day without using our phones. These devices have become an integral part of our lives. Whether checking our email, texting our friends, streaming shows, or playing games, our phones are almost always by our side. The only downside is that the more we use them, the faster the phone batteries drain. To stay connected, it’s important to have chargers for your home, office, and on-the-go—that way, you are never without costs.

Anker carries a variety of chargers for sale today, from standard corded chargers to sleek wireless charging docks and more. Prime Day isn’t until July 12, but you’ll find a ton of savings from Amazon and competitors in the weeks leading up to the event and some Fourth of July sales. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect charger for your needs, and these early Prime Day deals let you do it for less. But remember that many of these deals expire tonight (June 28).

If you’re looking for a powerful charger almost as small as an AirPods case, check out the ultra-compact charger 725. It has dual ports and a foldable plug, making it ideal for travel. It can charge laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices. Plus, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously for charging with both a USB-C port and a USB-A port. And today, this 65-watt charger is 26% off, so you’re only paying $37.

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However, if you don’t need that much power, the 521 40-watt Nano Pro charger is a great option and costs even less. You can charge an iPhone 13 and iPad at full speed simultaneously with this dual USB-C option. It has advanced safety features, including a dynamic temperature sensor and a power tuner chip, that help protect your connected devices. Normally $40, this charger is discounted to $27 today.

A power strip may be a better option if you’re setting up a home office or entertainment space. Anker’s PowerPort Strip PD 3 has a 6-foot cord, a flat plug, three power outlets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. You can now save $14 on the price, bringing the cost to $26. There’s also an outlet extender with a multi-plug outlet and one USB-C and two USB-A ports so that you can power up to six devices from one outlet for $22.

The 544 wireless charger four-in-one stand is also on sale, starting at $90 from $116. It offers wireless and lightning-fast charging, and you can charge up to four devices at once, which is handy for those who use Apple Watch. However, this particular device is incompatible with MagSafe accessories, so keep that in mind when shopping.

And for those of you who are often on the go and don’t have a place to plug in a traditional charger, consider Anker’s charging power bank, the PowerCore 10000 Redux. It features a USB-A and USB-C port, making it a versatile option. Today only, you can save $18 and pay just $32 for this portable option.

There are also many more items up for grabs, so buy the full sale selection from Amazon.

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