Cant Uninstall Because This Package Is An Active Device Administrator 2

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Can’t uninstall because this package is an active device administrator?

7 Answers. Go to SETTINGS->Location and Security-> Device Administrator and select the admin you want to uninstall. Now uninstall the application. If it still says you need to deactivate the application before uninstalling, you may need to force-stop it.

How do I disable the device administrator?

How do I enable or disable a device administrator app? Go to Settings. Do one of the following: Tap Security & location > Advanced > Device admin apps. Tap Security > Advanced > Device admin apps. Tap a device administrator app. Choose whether to activate or deactivate the App.

How can I remove Google Play services as an administrator?

Method 1. Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services > Tap Disable > Tap OK to confirm—method 2. If the Disable checkbox is grayed out, please Go to Settings > Security > Device administrators > Disable Android Device Manager.

How do I get rid of administrator rights?

Try getting Administrator permissions. Navigate to the installation directory of the application you want to remove. Locate, uninstall executable, right-click it, and choose Run as administrator from the menu. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstall process.

How do I delete an app that Cannot be uninstalled?

You must revoke administrator permission using the steps below to remove such apps. Launch Settings on your Android. Head to the Security section. Here, look for the Device administrators tab. Tap the app name and press Deactivate. You can now uninstall the App regularly.

How do I disable the security policy?

Alternatively, you can deactivate the Google Apps Device Policy app and then uninstall or disable it: On your Android device, go to Settings. Security. Tap one of the following: Uncheck. Tap Deactivate. Tap OK. Depending on your device, go to one of the following: Tap. Tap Uninstall or Disable and then OK to remove it.

How do I disable administrator activation on Android?

Go to your phone’s settings and then click on “Security.” You’ll see “Device Administration” as a security category. Click on it to see a list of apps given administrator privileges. Click the App you want to remove and confirm that you wish to deactivate administrator privileges.

Why does the administrator disable my lock screen?

The same may occur if the user encrypts an Android device’s storage and an encryption policy is implemented. The “Disabled by Administrator, Encryption Policy, or Credential Storage” problem occurs when some operating system features are deemed insecure.

How do I turn off administrator permissions in Windows 10?

Enabling/Disabling Built-in Administrator Account in Windows 10 Go to the Start menu (or press Windows key + X) and select “Computer Management”. Then expand to “Local Users and Groups”, then “Users”. Select the “Administrator” and then right-click and select “Properties”. Uncheck “Account is disabled” to enable it.


How do you remove this device? Does your organization android manage itid?

Steps On the managed mobile device, go to Settings. Navigate to Security. Select Device Administrator and disable it. Under Settings, go to Applications. Select ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus and Uninstall the MDM agent.

What is screen lock service in device administrator?

Summary. Screen Lock Service is a device administrator feature of the Google Play Services app. Its purpose is not documented on Google Support / Answers as of now. If you disable it, the Google Play Services app will re-enable it without seeking your authentication.

What is the use of a device administrator?

2 Answers. Device Administrator API is an API that provides device administration features at the system level. It is used to make your application uninstall from the device or capture a picture using a camera when the screen is locked. These APIs allow you to create security-aware applications.

Can Google Play services be uninstalled?

Google Play Services isn’t the same as the Google Play Store app and is included with Android. Google Play Services connects apps to services like Google Sign-In and Google Maps. You can’t force-stop or uninstall Google Play services.

How do I run a program as administrator and remove it?

Solution Open the run box (windows key + r) and type runas /user:  DOMAIN ADMIN cmd. You will be prompted for the domain administrator password. Once the elevated command prompt appears, type control appwiz. You can now uninstall the offending software…through gritted teeth and a wry smile.

How do I get Administrator permission?

How Do I Get Full Administrator Privileges On Windows 10? Search settings, then open the Settings App. Then, click Accounts -> Family & other users. Finally, click your user name and Change account type – then, on the Account type drop-down, select Administrators and click OK.

How do I remove the Run as administrator option from a program icon?

a. Right-click on the program’s shortcut (or exe file) and choose Properties. b. Switch to the compatibility tab and uncheck the box next to “Run this program as an administrator”.

How do I permanently delete an app?

How to permanently delete apps on an Android Press and hold the App you want to remove. Drag the app to the top of the screen where it says “Uninstall.” your phone will vibrate once, granting you access to move the App around the net. Once it turns red, remove your finger from the App to delete it.

How do I completely delete an app?

DIY uninstall Android apps. Go to Settings—open Apps. Select the App to uninstall. Press Force Stop. Press Storage. Press Clear Cache. Press Clear Data. Return to the app screen.

How do I fix Uninstall is? Istsuccessful?

Error: Uninstall unsuccessful (Mobile Security for Android). Open the device Settings, then tap Security. In some devices, tap Location and Security. Tap Device Administrators under the Device Administration section. Tap Trend Micro Mobile Security, then tap Deactivate. Uninstall your mobile security app.

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