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The toll from the Russian missile strike on a busy shopping center in Kremenchuk has risen to 16 dead and 59 injured, the head of the Ukrainian emergency services says. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called the attack “one of the most challenging terrorist attacks in European history”, adding that Russia is the largest terrorist organization in the world. Russian shelling in the northeastern Ukraine city of Kharkiv has left five people dead and at least 30 injured, including five children, Zelenskyy added. At least eight civilians have been killed in a Russian attack in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk while collecting water, the governor of the Luhansk region says. The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday about attacks on civilians by Russia, with the attack on Kremenchuk being “the main focus,” the UN body said. (Al-Jazeera)

These are the latest updates:

1 min ago (01:15 GMT)

Moscow police arrest opposition politician

Moscow police have reportedly arrested one of the few politicians openly opposing the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine who remains in Russia.

She said Ilya Yashin, a deputy for the municipality, was arrested while walking with a journalist friend in a Moscow park. The journalist, Irina Babloyan, told the TASS news agency that he had been taken to a detention center in the Luzhniki district of the Russian capital.

After being accused of discrediting the Russian military last month, Yashin said he would not walk away or withdraw his criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Latvia-based independent Russian news site Meduza reported.

Russian authorities have been cracking down on war critics since passing a law criminalizing spreading false information about the military shortly after troops invaded Ukraine in late February. The offense carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. Human rights advocates have counted dozens of cases.

8 minutes ago (01:09 GMT)

Biden announces expansion of US troop presence in Poland: NBC

US President Joe Biden plans to announce an addition of some of the increased US troop presence in Poland and changes to US deployments in several Baltic countries that he approved before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NBC News said.

NBC reported that changes in US troop footprints could affect countries like Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

To the extent that new troops could be deployed on a more permanent basis in the region, officials said the number would be minimal. Still, several hundred could remain in Poland on a more permanent basis, NBC reported.

10 minutes ago (01:06 GMT)

Harris swears in new US ambassador to Ukraine

The new US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, has been officially sworn in by Vice President Kamala Harris after her confirmation in the Senate in May.

The US Senate unanimously approved the veteran diplomat on May 18. It filled a critical post that has been vacant for three years as Washington works to increase support for the Kyiv government.

Former President Donald Trump abruptly recalled then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in May 2019.

Born in Michigan and speaks Russian, Brink was previously the US ambassador to Slovakia. A diplomat for 25 years, she has worked in Uzbekistan and Georgia and in several senior positions with the State Department and the White House National Security Council.

US Vice President Kamala Harris ceremonially swears in Bridget Brink as Ambassador to Ukraine at the White House in Washington, June 27, 2022 [Kevin Lamarque/Reuters]

1 hour ago (23:48 GMT)

More than 30 injured in Kharkiv attack: Zelenskyy

More than 30 people were injured in Monday’s attack in Kharkiv, which left five people dead, Zelenskyy said.

“Today, there was another brutal shelling of Kharkiv, north of Saltivka. At the moment, we know about five dead and more than 30 injured, including five children,” he said in his overnight speech.

“They are all civilians, not soldiers,” he added.

2 hours ago (23:45 GMT)

Any NATO encroachment on Crimea could lead to WW3: Russia’s Medvedev

Any encroachment on the Crimean peninsula by a NATO member state could amount to a declaration of war on Russia, leading to ‘World War III’, said Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev.

“For us, Crimea is part of Russia. And that means forever. Any attempt to invade Crimea is a declaration of war on our country,” Medvedev told Argumenty I Fakty, a news website owned by the city of Moscow.

“And if ta NATO member state does this it means a conflict with the entire North Atlantic alliance, a third world war. A complete disaster.”

Medvedev, now deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, also said that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia would strengthen its borders and be “ready for retaliatory measures”, including the prospect of installing Iskander hypersonic missiles “on their doorstep”.

2 hours ago (23:42 GMT)

Kremenchuk toll rises to 16 dead and 59 injured

The toll from the Russian rocket attack on a shopping center in Kremenchuk has risen to 16 dead and 59 injured, the chief of Ukrainian emergency services has said. Hospitalized. The information will be updated,” Serhiy Kruk said on Telegram.

Russia’ the largest terrorist organization in the world’: Zelenskyy

Russia’s attack on a shopping center in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk is “one of the most defiant terrorist attacks in European history,” Zelenskyy said. Object,” he said, adding that the attack was not “off-target” but “calculated.”

Zelenskyy said he had urged the United States to recognize Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism,” a measure passed Friday by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“The Russian state has become the largest terrorist organization in the world. And this is a fact. And this must be a legal fact. And everyone should know that buying or transporting Russian oil, liaising with Russian banks, paying taxes and customs duties to the Russian state means giving money to terrorists,” Zelenskyy said.

4 hours ago (20:57 GMT)

Ukraine calls for UN Security Council on Tuesday: diplomats

Ukraine has called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council over recent Russian attacks on civilian targets, the UN body’s presidency has said.

The missile strike on a shopping center in Kremenchuk “is the main focus” of the meeting, scheduled for Tuesday at 19:00 GMT, said a spokesman for the Albanian mission, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council.

The spokesman said that Sunday’s “shooting all over Kyiv”, which hit a housing complex, will also be discussed at the meeting.

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