Question: What Is The Command To Add Cc In Unix Mail

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How do I add a cc to a Unix email?

Specify CC and BCC. To attach a bcc and cc address, use the -b and -c options. To add a bcc address, execute the Command as follows: mail -s “Hello World” <recipient address> -b userto< bcc address>.

What is the mail command in Unix?

The mail command allows you to read or send mail. If the user is left blank, you can read mail. If users have a value, you can mail those users.

What is the mail command in Linux?

The mail command is a Linux tool that allows users to send emails via a command-line interface. We need to install a package named ‘mail utils’ to take advantage of this Command. It can be done by: sudo apt install mailutils.

How do I add cc to the mutt command?

We can add Cc and Bcc with mutt commands to our email with the “-c” and “-b” options.

How do I add a CC to my email in Linux?

Sending a simple mail The shell asks for the ‘Cc’ (Carbon copy) field. Enter the CC address and press enter or enter without anything to skip; from the next line, type in your message. Pressing enter would create a new line in the news.

How do I send an attachment in Linux?

Mail is part of the mailutils (On Debian) and emails (On RedHat) packages and is used to process messages on the command line. Below are the various, well-known methods of sending emails with attachments from the terminal and using mail Command. I use the mutt Command, mail Command, and pack Command.

How do I access mail in Unix?

You can now access your mail folders. How to access email in Unix At the prompt, type: ssh -l username. Username is your IAS user account, part of your email address before the @ sign—type pine. The Pine main menu will appear—type in your password and press it.

How do you send mail in Linux?

5 Ways to Email From Linux Command Line Using ‘sendmail’ Command. Sendmail is the popular SMTP server used in most Linux/Unix distributions. I am using the ‘mail’ Command. Mail command is the most popular Command to send emails from a Linux terminal. I use the ‘mutt’ command and the ‘SSMTP’ Command. Using ‘telnet’ Command.

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What is the difference between mail and mailx in Unix?

Mailx is more advanced than “mail”. Mailx supports attachments by using the “-a” parameter. Users then list a file path after the “-a” parameter. Mailx also supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and MIME.

Where is mail located in Linux?

Usually, the local mailbox is either /var/spool/mail/$USER or /var/mail/$USER. If the mailbox is in a non-standard location, the system administrator may have configured the system to set the MAIL environment variable to the area of your mailbox.

How do I email a shell script output?

Run the `mail’ command by the ‘-s’ option with the email subject and the recipient email address like the following Command. It will ask for Cc: address. If you don’t want to use Cc: field, then keep it blank and press enter. Type the message body and press Ctrl+D to send the email.

How do I set up a mutt?

Let’s start with the steps! Step 1: Install mutt. Step 2: Create directories for mutt to store the cache message headers and bodies, and store certificates, by entering the following commands: mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache/headers. Step 3: Create a configuration file of a mutt: muttrc touch ~/.mutt/muttrc.

How do I use mutt in Gmail?

Set up mutt with Gmail on CentOS and Ubuntu Gmail Setup. In Gmail, click the gear icon, go to Settings, go to the tab Forwarding POP/IMAP, and click the Configuration instructions link in the IMAP Access row. Install mutt. CentOS yum install mutt. Configure Mutt.

How do I attach a file in mutt?

Sending mail with attachment Use the mutt command in the following format to specify the subject, mess, age body, and assignment to send mail from the command line. -s used to specify the subject of the mail. -I used to specify files containing message bodies. -a used to specify attachment files.

Where is the postfix config?

By default, Postfix configuration files are in /etc/postfix. The two most important files are the main. Cf and master. Cf; the root must own these files.

What are SMTP commands?

SMTP commands HELO. TEHLO. he first SMTP command starts the conversation identifying the sender server and is generally followed by its domain name. An alternative order to create the conversation underlying that the server is using the Extended SMTP protocol. MAIL FROM. RCPT TO. SIZE. DATA. VRFY. TURN.

How do I add multiple recipients in emails?

How to Use Mailx to Send to Multiple Addresses Begin the mail command using the following syntax: mailx [-s “subject”]. Enter the email address of your first recipient after the brackets. Enter the email address or addresses of any other recipients you wish to receive the message separated by a space.

How do I add an attachment to a Sendmail in Unix?

How to Attach a File With Sendmail in Linux Open the Terminal. Type “uuencode /path/filename. ext | mail -s “subject” [email protected]”. Replace “path” with the directory path where the file to attach is located. Replace “filename. Press “Enter.”.

How do I write an email with an attachment?

How to write an email with an attachment Determine what files you wish to send. Write the email’s subject line. Compose the email’s body. Attach the files. Review and send the email. Make sure the attachment is in an appropriate file format. Try to limit the attachment file’s size. Consider sending a link instead.

How do you write an email script with an attachment?

How to use Google Apps Script to send an email with an attachment. Here is the Google Sheet. The next step is to upload the PDF file to your Google Drive. Go to You may want to create a new folder to keep the files. Then upload the file:

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