Female student shot dead at university in Jordan

by Barbara R. Abercrombie
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Jordanian authorities launched a probe and search after a female university student was killed on an Amman campus.

According to the Directorate-General for Security, a female student has been shot and killed on a university campus in Jordan.

In a statement on Thursday, an attacker allegedly shot a woman at a university in the Jordanian capital Amman. The victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival.

An investigation has been launched to arrest and establish the attacker’s identity, who has fled and is still on the run.

Local media identified the victim as Iman Rashid, a 21-year-old nursing student at the Technical University.

Local media Nabaa quoted witnesses as saying shots were heard near the nursing ward shortly after the victim left an examination room where she had a test.

Local media reported that the attacker entered the property through the main entrance and later left without being stopped by guards.

Iman’s father, Mufeed Rashid, told the Al-Arabiya media outlet that his daughter was an innocent victim.

“She didn’t do anything,” he said. “This is unfair…for what reason was the girl murdered? He [the gunman] should be punished appropriately, depending on the extent of the crime.”

The victim’s family said they do not know the attacker or why he carried out the attack.

‘Killed in cold blood.’

The university has issued a statement, published on the local news website Roya, promising to take legal action to “prosecute everyone who caused this painful incident until they receive just retribution for their heinous crime”.

Al-Arabiya quoted the university’s director as saying the institution was working with authorities to track down the attacker. He added that surveillance cameras on campus captured the incident.

The attack caused a stir on social media in Jordan and the region.

A Twitter user expressed his anger at the university.


She wrote: “You take a lot of money to provide us with ‘services,’ and we naturally assumed that one of those basic services as security. Where are your guards? How could an armed psychopath enter campus?”

Others likened Iman’s death to an incident that happened days earlier when college student Nayera Ashraf was stabbed outside her university in the northern Egypt town of Mansoura.

Ashraf’s attacker, identified as Mohamed Adel, is currently in custody while an investigation is underway. A statement from the prosecutor’s office said Adel confessed to the murder, pointing to disputes and Ashraf’s refusal of his marriage proposal.

Senior women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, Rothna Begum, said on Twitter: “There were two horrific murders of women by men outside their universities in #Egypt and #Jordan this week.

“Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the women. Authorities must combat men’s violence against women, including men’s right to life and women’s choices.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Yesterday in Egypt, today in Jordan..two young women are murdered in cold blood while in college..these guys who killed them deserve the severest punishment.”

Another wrote: “This world is no longer a safe place for women to live in.”

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