Best Panera Sandwich Recipe

by Barbara R. Abercrombie
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Best Panera Sandwich Recipe is a sandwich chain with several locations in the United States. They’re known for their delicious sandwiches and the fact that they provide free Wi-Fi to customers.

However, the problem is that they’re extremely expensive, and most people won’t try to recreate them at home.

My suggestion is to eat at Panera Bread and enjoy the deliciousness. Or, try the following recipe for the best Panera sandwich ever.

You probably have an idea for a great sandwich recipe. Whether it’s a new twist on a classic or something unique, you can create your sandwich recipe with the help of this step-by-step guide.

This post will share our secret recipe for a perfect Panera sandwich.


Panera Bread sandwich recipes

The beauty of Panera is that they offer some of the highest quality food at incredibly low prices. I prefer their sandwiches to Subway because of their superior ingredients.

While you can eat them in any of their locations, they’re typically best when enjoyed on the go. They’re perfect for lunch or dinner.

As a result, I will teach you how to make one of their best sandwich recipes. I’ve provided the ingredients and instructions to help you make your own at home.

I’m confident you’ll enjoy these sandwiches as much as I do.

One of my favorite sandwiches is the Panera Bread turkey melt. This sandwich is delicious.

The bread is soft and tender. The turkey is moist and flavorful. The cheese and pickles are just right. The only thing I don’t like about this sandwich is the amount of calories.

If you haven’t tried the Panera Bread sandwich yet, I’d highly recommend it. If you decide to make it, I’d recommend substituting turkey for ham or bacon. That would cut the fat by half.

Pita bread recipes

I’m a big fan of pita bread, but I always seem to have a hard time finding pita bread recipes. So, I wrote a post about making pita bread and shared some of my favorite recipes.

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I was given a pita bread recipe by a reader who wrote about her love of pita bread. She told me she wanted to share her favorite recipe with the world.

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The Bottom Line

It’s hard to find cupcake recipes on the internet. Most sites are filled with generic recipes for chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. This makes it difficult to find specific recipes for different flavors.

Pita bread is a flatbread eaten throughout the Middle East. It’s often stuffed with various ingredients like tomato, cucumber, onion, meat, or salad.

However, the pita can be stuffed with just about anything you like. You can use it as a wrap, sandwich or eat it straight from the oven.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you share the secret to making the best Panera sandwich recipe?

A: The secret is the bread. I use 100% whole wheat bread and add an egg. You want a nice, soft, flaky crust. Please place it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes to make it crispy. The key is to get a nice crust. You want to do your best to keep the ingredients in their original state. I always use full-sugar natural grape jelly and some cream cheese. I like a little bit of mustard too.

Q: What’s the secret to finding the perfect sandwich ingredients?

A: Find a local bakery. They will give you great advice on what you want. I like to get fresh bread and a great selection of ingredients.

Q: I am obsessed with Panera Bread. Which sandwich recipe would you recommend?

A: I recommend the Panera Original Turkey Breast Sandwich, a Classic Panera Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Q: Can you give me more detail on that sandwich?

A: The ingredients are bread, turkey breast, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, mayonnaise, and salad dressing. You can also add bacon or a cheese sauce if you want!

Q: Can you give me any other Panera sandwiches that you like?

A: I love the Panera Mushroom Grilled Cheese, similar to the Panera Original Turkey Breast Sandwich but with mushrooms instead of turkey. It is my favorite sandwich to order when I go to Panera!

Myths About Sandwich 

1. The Best Panera Sandwich is a fast food meal.

2. All the ingredients that go into making the Best Panera Sandwich are pre-made and are not fresh.

3. The Panera Bread restaurant chain was named after a character from the television show Cheers, where the main character was named Cliff Clavin.


This recipe is inspired by the sandwiches I enjoy at Panera Bread.

Panera Bread is one of my favorite places to eat. They have delicious food, but the thing that I love most about them is that they offer a full salad bar to order. I enjoy ordering a salad and adding items, like the egg salad I shared today.

I’ve eateI’veny sandwiches at Panera Bread over the years. Most of them were pretty good, but one stood out. It was a tuna melt sandwich that I ate one day while I was on vacation. It was so good; I decided to recreate it at home.